cover art by Alaina Albaugh
Persistence of Perception
Reid’s first full-length collection of poems will be available for pre-order beginning March 8, 2020, at FinishingLinePress.com
Nathan Reid’s poems in Persistence of Perception are about love, night and day dreams, attics, shadow libraries, jukeboxes, actors, and “memories on fire.” These poems are skillfully wrought and tenderly offered. Reid is a word artist who gives us “a complete collection of mended holes” for our souls, like “rose petals sizzling off the bone.” Read him.
Bruce Dethlefsen, Wisconsin Poet Laureate (2011-2012); Author of Small Talk, Breather, & Unexpected Shiny Things
Thoughts on Tonight
A chapbook published by Finishing Line Press in November of 2017 is available through the FLP website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many other local and national booksellers
Nathan J. Reid’s Thoughts on Tonight is a collection of tender philosophies on love and loss. With self-consciousness and a gratitude for the experiences of life, Reid encourages us to be present to memory and what is right in front of us. The poems tap a broad lexicon that includes music and dramatic culture. The zoom level veers widely, way out to comets and planets, back in to the iconography of the quotidian: Tom Waits, vomitoriums, Stephen Hawking, Tardis pants, minestrone soup, the way “two nude spoons roll in a heavy napkin,” the sentimental collections of the heart.
Karen Schubert, Author of I Left My Wings on a Chair
Cover art by Alaina Albaugh


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