Nate Reid is a songwriter, actor, and poet from the Midwest who has emerged onto the music scene in recent months as a ukulele player and folk singer, with recent performances at The Coffee Joint Cannabis Lounge in Denver and Summer's End Smoke Out music festival in Republic, MI. He is a former board member of the Council for Wisconsin Writers, the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission, the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets, and the Eclectic Arts Ensemble Theatre Company. He is a former senior editor for the Wisconsin Review, former guest editor for Bramble Lit Magazine, creator and conférencier of the Constitutional Cabaret, and host of The Reid Radio Hour, an annual music show on WORT 89.9 FM. He is the recipient of numerous acting awards for comedy and drama, and his writing has been published in several journals and anthologies, including Barstow & Grand and Wisconsin People & Ideas. His books, Thoughts on Tonight (2017) and Persistence of Perception (2020), were published by Finishing Line Press.

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