Music Lovers *From my book Thoughts on Tonight*


a single moment
          frozen in its own epiphany
new and unheard
we can’t help but
          silence our selfish consciousness
          give our full attention
forget how our own hearts beat
ears long rusted shut
          now open
address everything else as hush
this moment evokes reverence we can only attempt
          in concert halls
eternal fragments inhale our breath
          exist through us
          exist exactly for that purpose
then let us go before we’re ready
before any of us realize what’s been played
          and what can still be sung



A Newer World


push off, the tide is ripe

lift feet from this pudding on the beach and travel with me

peaceful voyage cannot be guaranteed

as we brush the backs of blue whales and maelstroms

as we write about all types of exotic eyes that connect, cross paths, then fade

as we cut through a briny blue where they say both bird and boat have been

pinched into the horizon, never seen again

picture our wooden bowl riding sine waves on the sea

lift off with me